The Challenge

A construction diary serves to document construction progress, but also disturbances and deviations from the planned construction process. Among other things, construction defects and damages are recorded by text, photo or sketches.

Thus, the construction diary can represent a legal security for both contracting parties. If construction defects are subsequently discovered, this often leads to legal disputes. In court, the construction diary can then be used as evidence. And although there is a wide range of electronic construction diaries, it is often advised to keep the diary old-fashioned with pen and paper to counter the accusation of manipulation.

With OriginStamp, there is now a simple way to counteract accusations of tampering with electronic construction diaries as well.

The Solution

Creating proof that a construction diary has not been subsequently changed is possible in just a few steps. In the fully automated case, when the OriginStamp API has been connected to the electronic construction diary, nothing will initially change for the user.

Whenever a new entry is added to the construction diary, a blockchain-based timestamp is automatically generated for this entry. The entry can contain, for example, the documentation of an important milestone.

The timestamp is generated in several steps:

  • First, a cryptographic fingerprint, a so-called hash, is calculated from the entry, which represents the underlying data.
  • Next, OriginStamp distributes this hash to thousands of participants in public blockchains.
  • Lastly, each of these participants automatically becomes a witness of the hash and thus a witness that the milestone has already been completed at a certain point in time.

Each subsequently added or changed entry can only have a newer timestamp.

Not only electronic construction diaries can be made tamper-proof. Documentations kept with pen and paper can also be protected by, for example, converting each new entry into a digital image with the OriginStamp Smartphone App and then timestamping it automatically.

Finally, OriginStamp's ease of use and affordability make it ideal for use in construction. You never know when an accusation of manipulation of a construction diary will have to be dealt with in the future.



Disclaimer: After many years, we haven’t seen any court action, yet. Why? We suppose, that all potential claims were accepted thanks to our Blockchain-timestamping evidence and no court action even was needed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee for the acceptance of a Blockchain timestamp at court. We are only aware of one decision in China, where the Blockchain-based timestamp had been accepted as sufficient evidence, see: