by Daniel Muffler

Why do I work at OriginStamp?

  • Flexible working hours model
  • Practical experience in various subject areas
  • Team and team events

To give you an insight into working at OriginStamp as a student trainee and my daily work routine, I will address three specific questions:

  • What does a working day at OriginStamp look like?
  • How can I combine studying and working at OriginStamp?
  • What are the unique features of being a working student at OriginStamp?

I am employed as a software developer. The field of activity is vast and ranges from Java programming to familiarization with blockchain-specific topics such as Solidity, Web3 (Web3J), Smart Contracts, and other blockchain-based topics and clients. Besides, I have also done web-relevant development. Using the IDE from IntelliJ is essential for me, because in my opinion, it is one of the best IDEs.

The OriginStamp development team is open, friendly, and you are always up for a good time. Team events and barbecues in the summer are great for team cohesion.

During my time at OriginStamp, I have mainly been training in the blockchain area. As a student, most of the time, I still lack the practical experience (especially in various workflow models, programming, etc.) that I was able to learn from scratch at OriginStamp. Moreover, being a software developer is a perfect interface between theory-based university lectures and the actual working world. You can effectively apply learned concepts, and I was also able to benefit from learning about blockchain-specific topics in my studies. A flexible working time model makes it possible to combine study and work well. Home-office also provides the necessary flexibility of the place of work. A "time-out" during the exam phase is also a matter of course and makes it easier to focus on my studies. Due to OriginStamp's flexible working hours model, there is only one fixed Daily Scrum Meeting. Here, each employee briefly reports on his or her daily goals and challenges. Apart from that, my working day is very much influenced by my studies and is variable.

The Rothaus (office) serves as a fixed workplace and provides not only a pleasant and quiet working atmosphere but also an additional lake view! If the view of the lake is obscured by fog, you can admire the paintings in the Rothaus. An equipped desk is always ready and waiting for my presence

OriginStamp is (still) a small but dynamic and authentic company. Even as a working student, you are given responsibility for small areas, but this requires a reasonable basis of trust. As a special highlight, I would like to emphasize the team events, which range from table tennis and foosball tournaments and barbecues to karting. Lunch and a coffee from our coffee machine are part of the daily team building. For me and other ice fanatics with us, the flat ice rate is still a big plus!

OriginStamp is currently looking for more working students! If I have piqued your interest, I can give you the following tips:

As an applicant for a developer position at OriginStamp, for example, as a working student, you should be a reliable and team-oriented person. It is also crucial that you have the necessary qualifications for the position and are enthusiastic about your job. In your application, show that you are motivated and what makes you and your skills stand out.

I look forward to seeing you become part of OriginStamp soon!